Sustainability, our biggest challenge

Discover Llanes in the most sustainable way

At the Montemar Group, we take our responsibility very seriously
regarding the protection and development of the natural, cultural and social heritage of the environment that surrounds us.

Our commitment translates into all the actions carried out throughout our history, and is an essential factor in our management and action system. These are some of the actions carried out:

– Sustainable mobility –

We are committed to the sum of social responsibility and new technologies,
and we join the challenge of achieving clean and environmentally friendly mobility.

With the development of electric bicycle rental services and charging stations for them through solar panels, so that those who visit us can get to know the environment in a healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly way.
Similarly, we are committed to the implementation of charging stations for electric cars, supporting the energy transition that has a positive impact on caring for the environment.

We make available to our clients
a series of charging stations
for electric cars

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electric bike rental,
with which you can know the environment
in an environmentally friendly way

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– Local consumption –

We face our role in the development and protection
of the natural, cultural and social heritage of our environment.

In our restaurants we use local products and appellations of origin from the region. In this way, we support the development of the industry and small producers, offer products of the highest quality at reduced prices and minimize pollution caused by transportation.

Similarly, we work with companies and organizations in our environment to promote the gastronomy, culture and ethnography of our region. In this way we have the opportunity to provide a total experience to our customers.

We use local product
to promote development
of producers in the region

We reduce the logistics of
long distance, minimizing

The use of Km.0 product
allows us to offer the highest quality
at reduced prices

We support local development
through support and collaboration
with organizations and companies

– Environment –

We are committed to optimizing the use of environmental resources
and reducing our carbon footprint.

We have withdrawn the individual amenities presented in plastic containers, and we have replaced them with bulk dispensers. One more step towards the elimination of plastic waste in our hotel. In the same way, we have replaced single-dose products with bulk proximity products in our restaurants. Our sauces, butters, jams or oils come from local businesses.

In the hotel you can find signage aimed at our customers, to raise awareness and reduce the change of towels, with the reduction in water consumption that this entails.

We use bulk dispensers
of local produce to minimize
plastic waste in the hotel 

We increase water saving
with actions such as the replacement of towels
under customer request